Thought Experiment: Is Global Warming Real?

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Let’s play a game.

This game is called “Alternate Dimensions” and the edition we’re playing is, “Global Warming.”


Here’s How It Works

In this game, there are three different Earths existing in three different, but parallel universes.

One of these worlds is ours and you are currently riding on it.

The other two are exactly like our world in every way except one is slowly headed towards a man-made climate change situation where the Earth could become uninhabitable to the human population in 2-3 generations, and the other is not.

So, you have three Earths:

1 2 3
Our World Climate Change is Man-Made and a Catastrophe Climate Change is NOT Man-Made and NOT a Catastrophe

You are going to step off our world and onto one of the other to at random.

The conditions on our world do not affect the conditions of the planet you have just landed on. In other words: the planet you’re landing on might be like Earth, and it might not. Do not use what you think of our world to confuse your opinions on the other two.

Your Mission
You have just been dropped off on one of the other two worlds.

On one of these worlds, climate change is real, it’s man-made, and it threatens our ability to continue living the way we are now within the next 2-3 generations.

On the other world, climate change is not real – whatever shifts in the climate we are seeing is natural – and it’s not a big problem for humanity.

Your objective is to figure out which planet you’re on and take appropriate action.

Since climate change is an enormously complicated subject that requires advanced scientific knowledge to meaningfully make sense of the available data, I’m going to add this little hitch:

On both of these worlds, the things scientists say about global warming and the things climate deniers counter with are the exact same as they are in our world.

So, when you arrive on one of these two alien worlds, the things you’ll be hearing from scientists and the media will be the exact same as they are on our world.

Figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth.

To imagine how that would go, let’s take a look at the following video. This particular video doesn’t hold a special place in the universe, it just happens to be one that I watched recently on the subject.

As you’re watching the video, remember that you’re NOT on our planet. You’re on another planet that has a 50/50 chance of climate change being a real threat, and this video exists on both of them.

Since this video exists in both worlds, you can’t use the video, itself, to determine which world you’ve landed in.

What would make this video correct? What would make it incorrect?

For example, could it be a global conspiracy among scientists? Could they be falsifying the data? What would their motivations e? How would they coordinate this conspiracy? How would you find out about it?

And how would you know if there is no conspiracy? What should you do if you can’t devise a test that would help you determine which world is which?

And remember – this is a game. You want to guess correctly. You can’t simply look for ways to manipulate this test to match your view of our world.

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